Life insurance is important if you have people that depend on your income. It will relieve the financial burden from your family in the event of your death.
There are many costs that may be inflicted on your family when you die and having the correct life insurance policy will prevent your loved ones from being forced to uproot their lives. These costs may include:


If you were to die before your home was paid off in full, would your family be able to make the payments on their own? You wouldn’t want the people that depend on you to become homeless if something were to happen to you. There are policies available that reduce the payout in line with the amount that you have left on your mortgage.

Income Replacement

You probably planned for a future based on two incomes, but would you or your partner be able to achieve the same lifestyle if one of you were to pass away unexpectedly?

Final Expenses

Medical bills, funeral costs, and burial costs can be very expensive. The average funeral cost in the UK is £3,200 and rises every year. Life insurance can help pay for these things so that your loved ones wouldn’t have to.
Existing Debt –Credit cards, loans, and student loans may become the responsibility of your loved ones once you die. Life insurance can help them pay these things off.

Children’s Education

Life insurance can help ensure that your children’s education is paid for after you are gone.
Which type of insurance?